I'm nothing like what you think i am and everything that you think i'm not.

Yo, what up. Nothing much to say about myself. I'm just a 16 yr old average kid who's living a not-so-average life. Getting into troubles every single day [seriously, why me?] not that i hate it or sth, i just love getting into troubles [as long as i can get out].
I love doing all sorts of crazy stuffs and usually don't do stuffs that others do, get what i'm trying to say? No? It's okay..
So, my BIG day's on 6th march

I love almost everything that's unique and amusing.

I always go for thrills.

So..Did i say a bit too much..

You know, i can't really judge myself well.

Lemme Hear you out

This is your LUCKY day, talk all you want

the big big world.
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    Monday, April 19, 2010
    Title : The..uhh..hmm, the DAY.
    Time : 1:25 AM

    Something's terribly wrong with me.. i just said goodmorning to two complete strangers on my way home :S But that's just basic courtesy right...i was just doing my part. It's not like they are gonna chase after me for wishing them goodmorning.

    I'm at the comp lab now. Blogging..
    I always blog before my exams, i dunno why. is it becoz i'm stressed or something? :S

    Anw going through a very weird time and this always happen around this time of the year, i ALWAYS get into trouble before my mid year exams. GAH. Comical though. You should hear out the kind of shit i get myself involved into.
    Wednesday, December 16, 2009
    Title : Mystery Man
    Time : 12:06 AM

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 5:59 AM

    Tell me something, why is an idiot called an IDIOT???
    Because he is an idiot!!! AAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    Hilarious isn't it? Makes you wonder which planet i hail from.
    Some rare sense of humor.
    No, actually these are some side effects of boredom. You know that?
    Well NOW you do. Boredom has all these unsual side effects that convinces people into thinking that you're out of your mind.
    Okay, talked to Sabrina today. About the usual stuffs. About how retarted things are and how retarded they become day by day and then a problem shoots out of nowhere and makes everything problematic and retarded altogether. Then we go about looking for solutions which is no different from wasting our time cause all the solutions we come up with leads to another problem. So in the end, it's problems we're talking about.

    I wonder when my cousin's coming online. I think i sent him 5 emails altogether. I thought of sending a 2 more but on second thought...2 more is still too less and i dun have time to send more tonight so i'll wait till tomorrow. WAkakakakka
    I'm just joking. That's right. Another lame joke again.
    Naah i'm kidding again, gotcha!!
    Okay fine, you got me, another lame joke.

    Geez.....you can just PRETEND to laugh if you dun find it that funny.
    Sunday, December 13, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 2:41 AM

    My lil brother is pulling my cheeks now, ouch. That hurts. Bleh.
    I can't wait for school to reopen cause i'm eager to write things that are more interesting than this worthless piece of entry that i'm typing out now.
    Really, how long must i wait? Why is the time so slow for goodness sake.

    It's not slow when i need it to be >.>
    SO, today had a boring day, as usual.

    Nothing surprising.

    I had to clean my room today, get rid of the old books and other stuffs and make room for the new ones.


    My room's still in a mess right now and here i am, blogging.

    Well i honestly do deserve some rest after all that hard work right?

    I dun care if you don't agree.

    Anyway, i currently feel sorry for a friend now...
    he's going through a tough time.
    Just hope he can manage to forget it and move on.

    Geez i haven't contacted anyone ever since i got back.

    Friday, December 11, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 6:03 AM

    I'm blogging again after SOOOOOO long :D you should get used to that coz that's how i am so either you quit complaining or you quit coming around :D:D:D:D

    lols sorry, i was being sarcastic. Thanks to my form teacher. Holy crap i'll still be seeing her next year!!! She'll be my maths teacher what the hell. Why her? seriously why HER?!

    We arrived home this morning. I'm missing my cousins alot....esp mystery man. Yeap. I'll have to wait another year just to see him again. What a bugger. why does such stupid stuffs keep happening to me? why me? seriously why ME?!

    I usually dun have much to say when i'm blogging. I used to blabber a hell lot of nonsense earlier and maybe i used up too much of my throat chakra.Wakakaka. If that makes sense. Umm...it doesn't actually. I'm not even talking here, i'm typing. Maybe i used up too much of my brain juice. The part of the brain that's packed with nonsense? Yeap, prolly sucked out all the juice out of it.

    Hmmm....the plane journey was awful. My left ear is still blocked and i even had this sickening headache on board. And to top it all my legs were hurting like crap, the food was nauseatic, had gastric pain, missing mystery man and was hardly able to get a sleep. Seriously, sleep? I was barely able to sit properly!

    Okay, i'm not gonna type anymore. I'll go get some rest. I'm still tired and i can't figure out why. Cause i clearly rmbr sleeping 9 hours today. oh well.

    Note to mystery man: Sry if i'm distracting you, well you're distracting me TOO. dun screw ur exams annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.........just take care. (: happy thoughts!
    Friday, November 06, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 7:36 PM

    Who would've thought holiday would be this boring....i was looking forward to it so badly before exams >.>

    I dun have to mood to blog anymore. It's kinda getting boring too. I dun much to write either, cept whine about the past. Not that it helps. No matter how many times i complain, i cnt change the past. Sadly

    Okay...so i'll be going over to my hometown soon...in a couple of days. Wun be staying there for long though. but hopefully i'll have a great time there. Yeah, kinda looking forward to it....i think.

    i was supposed to go shopping with alif but i lost his contact number :D and he doesn't have mine :D


    it's a bad thing, why am i laughing. I cnt go shopping!!! i needed his help with some stuffs and now i wun get it!! i'm doomed MAN! DAMN it! oh well, i'll just ask one of my friends for his contact number.

    mom and dad are not home and i cn do whatever i want muahahaha
    But the thing is that, i'm so bored and i find nothing interesting on the comp. I dun feel like using the comp either. i dunno what i feel like doing....

    i know what i feel like doing... NOTHING. Bleh.

    P.S. Why does this boredom kill so much dot dot dot....dot

    It's a forgotten song, a memory that lingers in the back of your mind. But you can't seem to grab hold of it
    Sunday, September 27, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 6:10 AM

    My exams are gonna be starting soon. So can’t blog regularly. Not that I’m putting in much effort to study. Just that...reassuring myself it’s not the comp’s fault that my results would be bad. Yeah….that’s right….gives me more confidence…

    I dunno what to say now, cause recently a lot of odd stuffs been going on and I’m losing track of everything again. And it’s frustrating. I dun really wanna start on a tall tale explaining to you what happened coz I’m too lazy to do that, wakakakaka


    Anyway, what now?

    Some of my friends are arguing among themselves and I dunno what’s the reason behind it because none of them are willing to tell the whole story. I doubt they themselves know what they are arguing about but somehow I feel it’s over a stupid matter. Because it always happens. Sometimes I wish I could just tie them up and lock them up somewhere or at least tape their mouth for 5 minutes and treasure every single seconds of peace and silence. If only that were possible.

    But they are my friends what am I THINKING.


    I recently tried getting back at my friend who made my life miserable before the June holidays and I just realized I was getting back at her in the most retarded way possible cause I dun see how it affects her, it only shows how much lowly I can become. But I didn’t stoop that low. I think. Anyway, depends on how people see it, right? But I don’t think so I stooped that low. Or at least I feel so. Did i? Naah…

    But really, even now she is hurting me. And I’m not able to do anything to her. Sometimes I feel like taking my textbook and slamming it onto her face. Or stuffing my pencil bag into her mouth. Or telling her off. Or doing ANYTHING that could make her realize that there was once this little happiness I had and all thanks to her it’s now gone too. And then maybe she could finally get some senses into her head and even though she can’t really give back what she took, the least that she could do is stop bugging me for a while so that I can give myself some time to mourn over my pathetic situation.

    I dun wanna get back at her. Let her do whatever she wants. Hope she gets a new friend soon so that I wun have to keep her company out of pity. You see that’s the problem, she is so pathetic that I can’t even get back at her. ARGH!

    Okay let’s talk about something else. Something more pleasant….

    ….can‘t find any

    Bloody Hell.

    I hope next year will be a pleasant one. And hopefully we won’t end up in the same class cause if that were to happen, I dun think so I can keep up with her for another two years. I might end up committing SUICIDE, you may never know!

    What am I talking about?

    Bloody Hell…

    Anyway, I can’t get back at her. Well, I know you hurt me a lot and I know you’re not even aware of it (how stupid of you) But it’s fine. I tried to avoid you a lot of times and every single day I would tell myself not to stay anywhere near you or even look at you by mistake. But somehow whenever you would face any problems and you would ask me for advice, I fail to hold myself back. And I dunno if I was doing it out of pity or I’m like that by nature =.=

    I hope someday you’ll know how much you’ve hurt me and how much I wish you could just, I dunno, STOP that or something. I dun wanna hate. I find it so odd. I just hope…things will change….soon….

    Oh and yeah, STOP BEING A RACIST.

    That’s one thing that GETS on my nerves! You dun HAVE to comment on every single person you know! About how they look, what they eat, where they live and what they do. Really. PLEASE stop it! It’s ANNOYING!

    Hopefully you’ll realize this too.

    MAN I sound pathetic.

    Right, so I’m trying to study science, and it’s all about electricity. Electricity is also referred to as electrical energy……..blah blah blah. I hate physics. No offence.

    In my next life (not that I believe in it) I’m gonna be a boy and I’m gonna find out what runs through their mind when they flirting with at least 60 or so girls.

    P.S. sorry Sabri, for the late blog entry.

    Y: It’s crazy that way
    M: What way?
    Y: The one you’re hacking your brain to figure out
    M: Oh THAT way?
    Y: Turns out there’s no way at all, just a dead end.
    M: Right........